9 Negative Phrases to Avoid with Your Clients (and what to say Instead)

Lynette Gil | Property Casualty 360° | November 10, 2015

It usually plays out in slow motion. At least it seems that way to you.

You’re having a great conversation with a prospect or a client, and you’re thinking, “I think we could do business together.” That is, until a few words escape from your mouth that you didn’t intend to say, and everything turns sour within seconds.

If only there were a time-travel machine that would allow us to rewind to just before the exact moment that we catch ourselves saying the words that damage our relationship with that client or prospect.

We’re still working on said time machine — and building it to look like a Delorean — but in the meantime, SlickText, a marketing company that specializes in texting campaigns, put together a cool infographic with nine phrases that “pressure cook” problems. As a bonus, they also share what to say instead.

These phrases were originally meant for customer service representatives, but they apply to anyone [who works with people], really. More helpful tips SlickText offers when preparing to make a call include:

1. Don’t take complaints personally.

2. Show off your personality. This increases trust, and helps people relate to you and the solution.

3. Prioritize a solution. Instead of focusing on the problem, work towards results.

4. Don’t sacrifice your safety. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, ask for help.

5. Once the problem has been solved, move past it.

Remember that practice makes perfect, and practicing these blunders will help you quickly adjust to different people and situations.

1. Don’t say: ‘Let me look into that.’



2. Don’t say: ‘Unfortunately, no …’



3. Don’t ever say: ‘There’s nothing I can do.’



4. Don’t say: ‘Let me correct you on that.’



5. Don’t say: ‘There must’ve been a miscommunication.’



6. Don’t say: ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.’



7. Don’t say: ‘I have another call coming in, can you hang on?’

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