3 Mistakes that Mold Remediation Contractors Make

PR Newsroom | November 20, 2014

When dealing with mold remediation there are certain steps that need to be taken in order to prevent the spreading of mold to other areas of the home or not removing it fully. All of this can occur if the mold remediation contractor makes a mistake.

Mold remediation is a task undertaken by people who are looking to improve their health at home. There are many different companies that provided this as an “additional” service that they offer in conjunction with their other services. ┬áIn many cases these companies do not have the proper certifications nor training to handle mold remediation in a proper and thorough manner. There are three mistakes that these untrained companies make and the public has a right to know what they are doing wrong. A frequently asked mold removal question is what steps can an uncertified [companies] do to make the situation worse. One of the first missteps that these companies do, is that they do not put up containment.

The containment part of the mold remediation process is absolutely critical in the success of removing the mold from the property. If there is no containment the mold particles that are being removed can release spores that will more than likely spread throughout the property. Also, if there is containment setup it needs to be done properly, otherwise the mold particles can still spread throughout the property. Another critical factor that many of these company make is not solving the problem of the cause of the mold.

Many types of mold are caused by dampness, moisture collecting or a host of other factors. Without these problems being solved the mold will more likely return to the trouble spot area. When a contractor comes out to the site they should ask the property owner, what is causing the problem, is it a broken, pipe, a leaky, or other areas of the property. Without this information the contractor is not effectively solving the problem because if the moisture issue is not solved that area of the property will more likely have mold return to that same area. Another critical piece that is needed for mold remediation is the equipment.

Mold remediation is controlled demolition in the area of concern. This would require the removal of flooring materials, walls, and insulation to remediate the mold. Many times companies just remove the visible surface mold in the area of concern. Generally in order to remove the mold fully from the area the mold needs to be removed completed removed two feet around the area of concern.

All of this factors in when dealing with mold remediation contractors failing to follow the proper precautions. An IICRC mold remediation company is trained in resolving these problems before they start. Remember when looking at contractors you can look at their customer testimonials and see how well receptive they are. Remember these three mistakes when choosing your mold remediation contractor.

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